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  How do I sign up to ItsHD?

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  Is ItsHD compatible with my Mac?

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Billing & Online Processing

  Is it safe to enter my credit card number?

  Why do I need to provide my credit card number if signing up is free?

  How do I rent or purchase a movie?

  What is the difference between a movie rental and purchase?

  Why can't I get this service outside of Canada or the U.S.?

  Where can I submit billing questions? How can I update my billing information?

  How can I view my billing history?

  How much does it cost to buy/rent movies? Are purchases taxed?

  Can I cancel anytime?

  Why has my credit card been authorized for $1.00 after registration?


  What should I do if I am having trouble streaming movies properly?

  Is it safe to stream content from

  How many computers can I stream my movie to?

  Why can't I hear my movie?

  Can I watch ItsHD movies on my TV?

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